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Why our showreels


We understand that each performer is at a different stage in their career and therefore have different requirements. We aim to cater for every budget.

So, which Showreel should you choose?

If you’re looking for an actor’s reel on a tight budget, the Standard Showreel is right for you. These showreels from scratch are shot in HD quality and are with our junior team, fresh out of film school and eager to impress.

If you want to invest a little more or you have a friend you can split the cost with, the Premium Showreel is the one for you. These shoots are with our experienced senior team of filmmakers, who work day in day out on commercials, corporates, television, short film and feature films.

Our Gold Showreel shoots are completely bespoke. All Gold Showreels are shot by Award Winning filmmakers and the production value is much higher.

This option mimics working on a professional TV or film set. You meet with our team and we discuss your requirements. You have a rehearsal with your director and work closely alongside our team as an executive producer of your shoot

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Early Bird
$249 /Person

    Junior Team Fresh out of film school, our Junior team are handpicked and eager to create something special

  • 1 Scene - £349 + vat
  • 2 Scenes - £449 + vat
  • 3 Scenes - £579 + vat
  • HD Quality
  • Free Scripts (If required)
  • Free Locations (If required)
  • Full Post Production
On Site
$349 /Person

    A team of award winning, artistic filmmakers working at the industries highest level.

  • Bespoke Scenes - Enquire for more details
  • Original Scripts
  • Assigned Producer
  • 4k Cinema Camera
  • Production Meeting
  • Full Post Production
  • Creative Development
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